the ‘Hezbollah’ movement destroyed an Israeli drone


1 Lebanon

The Shia group »Hezbollah» shot down an Israeli UAV in southern Lebanon, near the village of Ramie, near the border with Israel — TASS reports with a reference to the Al-Manar TV channel. According to the Reuters — Hezbollah stated that on night of 25th of August two Israeli UAVs invaded the airspace at the south Beirut from the sea. One of the UAVs crashed without causing harm. Another one exploded in the air, in the residential area of ​​Muavwad, thus injuring 3 people. On the night of 26th of August, Israeli UAVs carried out 3 attacks on the Kusai region, in which the base of the »People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine» is located.

2 the UK

The UK government of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering several plans that should allow him to legally circumvent the ‘Brexit delay law’, recently adopted by the British Parliament — TASS reports while citing «the Daily Telegraph». Last week, the British parliament passed a law that forces the UK government to ask the EU for a new delay of the Brexit if London and Brussels can’t agree on the mutual terms before 19th of October. According to «the Daily Telegraph» — Boris Johnson insists that the UK should leave the EU no later than 31st of October. He intends to convince the EU to not agree for a new delay.

3 Syria

The Turkish army entered the north of Syria in order to create a DMZ together with the USA. According to the plans of Ankara and Washington — the combined armed forces will patrol an area of ​​2000 km long, and 20 km deep. This will protect Turkish borders from the various armed groups, operating in Syria. The USA and Turkey act without coordination with the Russian army and the Syrian authorities. Essentially, this is an aggression against Syria. For several years, the «Kurdish issue» remained a stumbling block between the US and Turkey. The Syrian Kurds receive military support from the US in order to fight the terrorists. They are seen in Ankara as a potential threat. Some of the Syrian territories are under control of the pro-American Kurdish »People’s Self-Defense Forces». Nothing prevents these forces from crossing the border, and fighting the Turks with American weapons.

4 Syria — Israel

The Israeli military announced that several missiles were launched at Israel from a suburb area of Damascus. None of the missiles reached the country. This was stated in the message of the IDF on Twitter. “The missiles were fired by the Shia fighters operating under the leadership of the Iranian forces »Al-Quds» ” — the statement specified. The Israel Defense Forces noted that they blame the «Syrian regime» for the situation in Syria.

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