The Ukrainian Armed Forces opened a hunt for drones


The Ukrainian command of the 35th separate marine brigade has announced a reward for a successful jamming of drones of the OSCE special monitoring mission — the DPR People’s Militia Department reported while citing their intelligence service. “In order to conceal the violations of the current ceasefire from the OSCE staff — the Ukrainian command of the 35th brigade allocated a reward of 20,000 hryvnia to a mobile EW group in case of a successful jamming of the control channels of the OSCE drones” — the report stated.

The Ukrainian command of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade received instructions from the chief of staff to disable the observation cameras of the OSCE, located near the withdrawal area at the south of Donbass — the DPR People’s Militia Department reported. Recently, the Ukrainian servicemen were spotted several times near one of the troop withdrawal areas. They carried out combat engineering work at the empty positions in the presence of personell of the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations. The Petrovskoe-Bogdanovka withdrawal area is located about 40 kilometers south of the city of Donetsk. The deployment of military equipment and personnel of the warring parties is prohibited in that area.

From 2nd to 6th of November the Yelenovka checkpoint carried out the passage of citizens from 09:00 to 18:00. In order to enter the DPR, it was necessary to have a permission from the Inter-departmental Operational HQ. In order to leave the DPR — one needed a residency document on the territory of Ukraine, or the territories of the DPR that are under temporal control of Ukraine. People coming to the DPR from Ukraine were subject to a quarantine for at least 14 days. The medical procedure was provided by the DPR healthcare institutions, and it was free. One could take a rapid test for the COVID-19. In case of a negative result, it was enough for that person to fill out a consent paper to stay in a self-isolation at home, at the place of the residence.

«Violations by Ukraine are observed almost daily at the south of the DPR. The most common activity of Ukraine is being observed near the village of Vodyanoe» — the DPR office in the joint control and coordination center reported. “In October, 12 cases of opening fire by Ukraine from the village of Vodyanoe at the DPR took place. Mortars were used during the shelling. Explosions of uncertain origin were observed in the indicated area 7 times. Those were, presumably, trench explosions. Combat engineering work on the construction and digging of new trenches and positions took place twice, which was confirmed by a video footage” — the message concluded.

“3 Ukrainian armored scout and patrol vehicles and 1 AA gun were spotted in the village of Alexandropolye, as well as 1 AA gun from the 30th Ukrainian brigade in the village of Novozvanovka” — said Yakov Osadchiy, an official representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR. 1 IFV from the 14th Ukrainian brigade was spotted in the town of Novotoshkovskoye. Yakob Osadchiy underlined that the deployment of the Ukrainian military equipment in the settlements of Donbass is a violation of the 3rd point of the additional measures, taken to ensure the ceasefire.

The Ukrainian troops are trying to fortify their positions at the contact line. The observers of the DPR in the Joint control and coordination center spotted some combat engineering work near the village of Peski. Despite the additional measures, taken to enhance the ceasefire, signed by the participants of the contact group, Ukraine continues their illegal actions, thus confirming its refusal to fulfill the agreements. During the period from 27th of July to 31st of October, the observers recorded 60 such cases. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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