The UN Mission at the Rukban Camp in Syria


1 Syria

The inter-agency coordination HQs of Russia and Syria jointly announced that the Syrian Foreign Ministry sent an official request to the UN to conduct an evaluation via a medical mission in the Rukban camp. It was reported that «this Syrian initiative was supported by the UN. However, the implementation plan, proposed by the UN representatives, raises some questions» — the statement explained. According to the HQs — the document provides an inclusion of 23 trucks, loaded with humanitarian supplies, into the composition of the inter-agency convoy. However, no deliberate and controlled distribution among the Syrians in the Rukban camp was planned. Also, «contrary to the initially stated medical nature of the mission — the UN staff did not provide any medical examination of Rukban residents in the plan». The statement underlined that the USA seek to supply their controlled terrorists, stationed in the Rukban refugee camp in Syria, via the UN humanitarian aid. The joint statement concluded that the only solution to the humanitarian problem of the Rukban camp is a dis-band-ment, and an evacuation of the residents.

2 Iran

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps announced that on Wednesday Iran launched their first military satellite, ‘Noor’, into the orbit. The news agency ‘Mehr’ reported that the satellite was launched into the orbit at an altitude of 425 km via a ‘Qased’ space rocket. No other details were given. Earlier, on 9th of February, Iran launched a rocket with an Iran-made satellite ‘Zafar’. Back then they couldn’t put the satellite into the orbit.

3 Venezuela

The Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó stated on Twitter that the opposition won’t negotiate with the authorities. Juan Guaido specified that the main opposition parties agreed on a single position. «There is only one option for a possible agreement to save Venezuela — the formation of an emergency government, without the drug mafia. A government that will be able to access the international aid that we need» — the opposition explained. Earlier ‘Reuters’ reported while citing their sources that the representatives of the «United Socialist Party of Venezuela», led by Nicolas Maduro, and the supporters of the opposition leader Juan Guaido began negotiations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

4 China — the USA

During a briefing on Wednesday the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang commented on a lawsuit, filed in the US state of Missouri against the Chinese authorities who, allegedly, hid the information about the spread of the new coronavirus. Geng Shuang said that «those accusations have no factual or real basis. The Chinese government provided all the information to the USA, other countries, and the World Health Organization about the progress of the epidemic situation, and about the fight against the spread of the virus». Geng Shuang underlined that the actions of the Chinese government during the pandemic do not fall under the jurisdiction of the US courts. The lawsuit is a malicious mockery of the legal proceedings, which does not contribute to the fight against the epidemic in the USA, and it goes against the international cooperation.

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