The US plan to delay the sanctions against Huawei


The representatives of the Donald Trump’s administration, after he decided to impose restrictions on the Chinese company Huawei, asked to postpone the sanctions — The Wall Street Journal reports. The Acting Director of White House Management, Russell Vout, sent a letter to the Vice President Mike Pence and 9 congressmen, in which he proposed to postpone the restrictions on the Huawei’s business while referring to the difficulties that the restrictions can pose to the American companies that use Huawei technologies. Russell Vout said that the restrictions for the American partners of Huawei should come into force not in 2 years after the adoption of the law, but 4 instead.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report: A new group of Armenian specialists has arrived in the province of Aleppo. The group consists of sappers, doctors, and a security brigade. The mission is being carried out in cooperation with their Russian partners, by the request of the Syrian authorities and the multi-thousand Armenian community. The activity of the group is causing a displeasure in the United States, which have sharply criticized the first similar mission of Armenia. By continuing its humanitarian mission, Armenia demonstrates its loyalty to the allied duty to Russia. Nikol Pashinyan underlined that the Armenian humanitarian mission in Syria is also a “historical duty to the Syrian people”, which gave refuge to the Armenians that once escaped from a genocide.

The election campaign of the candidates for the posts of the leader of the ruling Conservative Party, and the post of country’s prime minister has officially started in the UK — TASS reports. Currently, 11 candidates have announced their intention to fight for the post of the Tory leader. They will have to apply for the participation in the election at 17:00 UK time. The main contender for the victory is considered to be the ex-head of the British Foreign Ministry, Boris Johnson. The other potential successors are the Minister of the Environment, Food and Agricultural Development of the UK — Michael Gove, and the Minister of the Foreign Affairs — Jeremy Hunt.

The Security Service of Ukraine has enhanced their surveillance over the Russian citizens that enter Moldova through Ukrainian territory. This was reported on Monday in the press service of the department. “In order to prevent the escalation of the situation in Chisinau, related to the foreign interference in the internal processes, the counter-intelligence efforts at the entrance point to Moldova through Ukrainian territory have been enhanced towards the radically-minded citizens of Russia” — the message announced. Yesterday, the Constitutional Court of Moldova suspended their President Igor Dodon because he refused to sign a decree on dissolution of the parliament and on early elections.

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