The USA are transferring military equipment to Ukraine || Спецпроект 28.11.2021


This is a special program from the ’ANNA NEWS’. I am Constantine Reztsov.

The ’’Defense Blog’’ news agency reported with a reference to the CNN that the USA are considering the possibility of transferring the MI-17 helicopters and other military equipment that was previously bought for the Afghan army. It was indicated that a certain amount of previously bought military equipment for the troops of Afghanistan was left within the USA after the victory of the Taliban over the armed forces of the official Afghan government.

Currently the Pentagon leadership is considering options for the supply of the military equipment and weapons to other countries, such as Ukraine, since the weaponry isn’t being used in the American army. It was noted that several MI-17 helicopters are already in Ukraine. Those MI-17s were previously undergoing repairs and maintenance under a US contract, and they were supposed to be transferred to the Afghan government.

In addition, various sources inside Afghanistan reported that, before the final victory of the Taliban, about 20 MI-17s left the country. Their precise location remains unknown at the moment. The Joe Biden’s administration is considering the supply of Russian-made helicopters, remaining in the USA, to Ukraine. As well as other military equipment that didn’t manage to arrive in Afghanistan.

The possible providing of Ukraine with weaponry and military equipment is being lobbied under the pretext of ’’protecting Ukraine from the Russian aggression’’, rumors about which have been actively spread by the Western mass media and politicians in the recent time.

Along with the military equipment, it is planned to send some American military specialists to Ukraine, who will train the local military personnel in the operation of the weaponry that wasn’t previously used in Ukraine.

The ’ANNA NEWS’ is following the events. Stay tuned

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