The USA sent warships to Syria || Breaking News, 12th of January, 2019


Syrian air defense systems destroyed several incoming missiles, launched by the Israeli air forces over the western regions of Damascus, the Syrian government television channel Surya TV reports. According to the TV channel — the Syrian air defenses managed to hit 8 missiles over the suburb settlement of Mezze, located near a military airfield. Also — above the settlement of Al-Jdayde, on the Damascus-Beirut highway, TASS reports. According to the Syrian military command — Israeli air-strikes were launched from the North Galilee region, on the border with Lebanon. Only one missile hit a warehouse near Damascus airport. According to the Al Wataniya Agency — during the air attacks on Syria, the Israeli air force fighters invaded Lebanese airspace while imitating attacks on the southern regions of the country. They also made provocative flights at low altitude over the coastal Lebanese city of Zahran.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told Europe to no longer hope that the United States will involve the EU to a decision-making process, or even a consultation. «In any case, we no longer need to hope that we will be needed for a decision, or needed to be consulted» — said the German Foreign Minister in an interview to ‘Der Spiegel’ while speaking about the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, TASS reports. “We weren’t informed in advance about that sudden change of the course” — the German politician complained while expressing his opinion that the situation around the settlement of Syria “was strictly good,” and “the UN was ready to launch a political process in Syria”. There were negotiations on a constitutional committee. According to the German Foreign Minister, Donald Trump «couldn’t choose a more unfortunate moment» for the withdrawal of the American troops from Syria. Heiko Maas also expressed his opinion that for the current US president — “America is no longer the leader of the liberal democracies”. “He is in favor of national, unilateral steps.”

On Friday, the Macedonian parliamentarians approved the amendment to their Constitution that changes the name of the country from «Republic of Macedonia» to «Republic of Northern Macedonia» — Interfax reports while citing the local media. The situation around the name of this former Yugoslav Republic prevented the rapprochement of Macedonia with the EU and NATO, since Greece, one of the regions of which is also called ‘Macedonia’, opposed the name «Republic of Macedonia». On 30th of September, in Macedonia, a referendum was held on the approval of the agreement. But because of the low turnout of 37%, with the required turnout of 50%, the election commission declared the referendum to be invalid. Later, the issue of the renaming of the country and amending of the constitution was given to the parliamentarians.

A powerful explosion occurred in Paris — the city police reports. According to the television channel ‘BFMTV’ — the incident occurred in a bakery on Trevis Street. The cause was a gas leak. According to the eyewitnesses — several people were injured. The exact number of victims is unknown. After the explosion — a fire started in the building. Ambulance and firefighter vehicles arrived to the scene.

The United States sent their ground forces and a group of warships towards Syria in order to pull their troops out from the country, »The Wall Street Journal» reports while citing its own sources. According to one of the Pentagon’s officials — an amphibious assault ship, with hundreds of marines, helicopters and other aircraft, were sent to the to Syria to perform this task. They will help the parts of the US Armed Forces to leave the territory of Syria — TASS reports. Earlier the CNN reported, while citing a source in the US administration, that the United States began the withdrawal of the ground-based military equipment from Syria.

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