The Venezuelan Parliament doesn’t recognize the military agreement


1 Venezuela

The opposition-controlled »National Assembly of Venezuela» declared the new agreement on the military cooperation with Russia to be »null and void». The agreement was signed on 15th of August. It provides mutual visits of warships. The text of the document from the Assembly clarifies that they meant «the agreement on military cooperation between the governments of Venezuela and Russia, which was signed by the defense ministers Vladimir Padrino Lopez and Sergey Shoigu» — TASS reports. “This agreement wasn’t considered either by the commission on the foreign policy, sovereignty and integration, nor by the parliament. This indicates the un-constitu-tionality of the agreement, which means — it is not valid”- the opposition-controlled parliament explained their statement.

2 Russia — Ukraine

On 27th of August, Moscow and Kiev will resume their preparations for the exchange of prisoners. Their return to their homeland is planned to be held before the end of the week — the newspaper »Izvestia» reports. According to the newspaper, currently both countries are solving the problem of withdrawing all the charges from the persons declared for the exchange. According to the lawyer Valentin Rybin, who defends the Russians in Ukrainian prisons — those who will be send back to their homeland shouldn’t have problems with the law due to their previous charges. There is still no final decision on the number of people on the lists on both sides. As »Izvestiya» was told by a source, close to the process of the exchange, “the formula ’33 to 33′, that was mentioned in the mass media, wasn’t final. There is still no clarity on some people in the lists”

3 France

The French President Emmanuel Macron, after the end of the G7 summit on Monday, annouced the meeting of the country leaders in the «Norman format» in September. “We will meet in September, as the heads of states and governments, in the Norman format” — Macron said during a press conference. He noted that he began the discussion of this issue during his meeting with Vladimir Putin about a week ago in Breganson. According to him — back then, the Russian president supported the idea of ​such meeting. At the same time, Macron didn’t specify where this meeting will be held. The heads of states and governments of the G7 announced that Paris and Berlin hope to achieve solid results, after the September summit in the Norman format.

4 Russia

Despite the tense politcal relationship, the servicemen of India and Pakistan will take part in the international strategic training exercises »Center-2019», that will be held in Russia from 16th to 21st of September — NDTV reports. According to the sources of the NDTV — India will send “an impressive group of military personnel” from their ground and air forces. “The SCO’s military exercises will focus on the anti-terrorism partnership” — the source explained. During the training, the military personell from the 8 countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization — Russia, China, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will work together to improve their counter-terrorism actions.

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