the war in Syria is over


1 Syria

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during an interview to the Russian newspaper »Trud» has announced that the war in Syria is over. “The war in Syria has really ended. The country is slowly returning to the normal, peaceful life” — he said and added that there are still separate centers of terrorist activity in the territories beyond the control of the Syrian government. Such as the Idlib province, and the lands on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. According to him, Syria has started the recovery process. The provision of humanitarian assistance to Syria has the top priority, as well as the advancement of the political process, aimed to resolve the crisis in the country. Sergey Lavrov also underlined that the formation and start of the work of the committee for the constitutional reform will be an important step in the political process. In his opinion — the assemble of such committee will enable the local government and the opposition to begin a direct dialogue on the future of Syria for the first time.

2 the USA — Syria

The US plan to deploy about 150 troops to the north-east of Syria in order to conduct ground patrols together with the Turkish forces, and to create a buffer zone on the Syrian-Turkish border — »The New York Times» reports. According to the newspaper, the new deployment of the US troops is a part of a series of military and diplomatic steps, taken by the US in the recent weeks. They are aimed to defuse the tensions with Turkey due to the American support to the Syrian Kurds. The Pentagon spokesman Sean Robertson explained that the US continue to implement the presidential decree on the withdrawal of the US troops from Syria.

3 Russia — the USA

The Russian Ministry of Defense accused the US of developing a new ground-based missile while still being under the INF treaty. «The unproven allegations against Russia about the non-compliance with the INF treaty were used as a pretext for the US to leave the treaty. Even during the period of its operation, the USA were actively developing a ground-based missile of a forbidden range» — the ministry explained. «The fact that the US tested the missile on 18th of August, 2019, and the fact that the missile uses the Mk-41 universal launcher, which is also being used in the American missile defense systems in Romania and Poland, confirm the Russian claims against the White House about the possibility of their use to launch medium and short range ground-based missiles» — The ministry concluded and added that the responsibility for the end of the «INF treaty» lies on the United States. Russia hasn’t tested, and isn’t armed with medium and short range missiles.

4 Ukraine

The Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, while speaking at the »Yalta European Strategy» forum in Kiev, announced that Ukraine is preparing the new lists for the next stage of the exchange of the held persons with Russia. “Currently we are preparing more lists. We are waiting for a new stage of the exchange. We will discuss it both in Minsk and during the Norman process” — he explained. On 7th of September, Russia and Ukraine held an exchange of detainees. 35 convicted and detained citizens from each side were released on that day.

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