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The Serbian minister of internal affairs, Alexander Vulin, has officially stated that Serbia will absolutely avoid any involvement in a NATO-Russia conflict, if such a conflict takes place.

Alexander Vulin underlined that the Serbian authorities adhere to the principle of the strategical friendly relations with Russia. «If one wants to adhere to the territorial integrity and sovereignty as the most important principle of international politics — take an example from Serbia» — the RIA NEWS quoted his words.

The NATO leadership insists that it supports the integrity of Ukraine and its sovereignty. Alexander Vulin stated that if such principle exists — then the command of the NATO is obliged to revoke the recognition of Kosovo.

«Simply say ’we are sorry, Serbia is whole, we made a mistake when we bombed you. We are sorry that so many of your children were killed» — Alexander Vulin stated.

Alexander Vulin specified that Serbia won’t send infantry to the NATO. Serbia won’t enter into a military confrontation with Russia. Alexander Vulin made such statement in a response to the words of the Deputy Prime Minister, Zorana Mikhailovich. She stated that the new government of the country is obliged to have a clear position on the issue of the special military operation of the Russian forces in Ukraine, and the protection of Donbass. Alexander Vulin stated that Serbia won’t interfere in the foreign conflicts.

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