Turkey shelled a district in Afrin


1 Syria

The head of the Russian center for the reconciliation in Syria, Yuri Borenkov, announced during a briefing on Tuesday evening that illegal armed groups are still shelling the village of Zahra, located near the largest Syrian city of Aleppo. The shelling killed 8 people, including a child. 13 civilians were injured. The head of the neurosurgical department of the local hospital, Abdel Nur, reported that some of the locals were injured several days ago as a result of the shelling. They were taken to the hospital. “3 people arrived, 1 of them died. 2 had injuries in their backs and legs. All the wounds were from shrapnel. 1 injured person had non-dangerous injuries, the other one is in a serious condition” — he explained.

2 Syria

The «Al Arabiya» TV channel reported on Wednesday that the Turkish forces shelled 6 settlements near the Syrian city of Afrin, located near the border. «The Turkish artillery fired at 6 villages in the Afrin region» — end of quote. During the shelling, the Turkish forces used heavy artillery. The consequences of the shelling of the Afrin region were not reported.

3 the US

On Tuesday, the US Senate approved a resolution that allows to conduct the impeachment of the President Donald Trump in an accelerated manner. The author of the resolution is the leader of the Republican majority in the upper house, Mitch McConnell. According to the resolution — the representatives of the prosecution and the defense are given 24 hours to state their position. It is planned to allocate 16 hours for the answers to the questions from the senators. After that, 4 hours are given for the debate, needed to determine the need for additional witnesses and documents. If no witnesses are called — the upper house will vote on each of the two charges: «Abuse of power» and «Obstruction of the investigation conducted by the Congress».

4 Bolivia

«The US government plans to send the US ambassador to Bolivia for the first time in 12 years» — the ‘La Razon’ newspaper reports. This decision became known after the meeting of the interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Agnes, with the US Under-Secretary of State for the Political Affairs, David Hale. It was reported that during the meeting, Agnes and Hale also discussed the upcoming presidential elections in Bolivia, planned for 3rd of May.

5 Lebanon

The Lebanese President Michel Aoun called on the country’s cabinet to gain the confidence of the population, and find a way out of the economic crisis. On Tuesday, the composition of the new Lebanese government, led by the Prime Minister Hassan Diyab, was officially announced at the presidential palace in Baabda. Anti-government protests began after the announcement. The protesters threw stones at the police. The police responded with tear gas and water cannons.

6. Iran

The »Al Arabiya» reports, while citing a statement of the Iranian government, that the decoding of the black boxes of the downed airplane of the »Ukrainian International Airlines» will take place in Iran. «The decoding of the flight recorders of the Ukrainian airplane, that crashed near Tehran, will be carried out in Iran» — the cabinet announced. Earlier it was reported that the Iranian authorities will transmit the information from the flight recorders of the Ukrainian airplane, that crashed near Tehran, to Ukraine. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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