Turkey will resume its operation in the northern Syria


1 Germany

The German Defense Minister, Annegret Crump-Karrenbauer, called for the creation of an international security zone in Syria. The initiative will be presented to the NATO. She noted that she had agreed on this proposal with the Chancellor Angela Merkel. The proposal will be submitted to the NATO Allies during the meeting of the NATO Defense Ministers on 24th and 25th of October. “The question of ‘how this solution might look like’ lies in the creation of a security zone, controlled by the international community, with the involvement of Turkey and Russia, with the common goal of the de-escalationg of the situation” — she explained.

2. Japan

«The Japanese Emperor Naruhito has announced his intronization» — the ‘Associated Press’ news agency reports. The ceremony of the intronization of the Japanese emperor took place on Tuesday. The ceremony confirmed that Naruhito succeeded the Emperor Akihito, who had previously abdicated. Naruhito became the 126th Emperor of Japan. The ceremony of accession was attended by about 2,000 guests, including dignitaries from abroad. In honor of this significant event, the emperor pardoned 550,000 people, convicted of minor crimes. Such as the violations of the traffic rules and the election laws. Naruhito became the first Japanese monarch born after the 2nd World War

3 the USA — Syria

Donald Trump, during a meeting of his office in the White House, announced the taking of the oil fields in north of Syria «under the protection» of the USA. While commenting on the fate of the oil fields in north of Syria after the withdrawal of US troops from the region, and the start of the Turkish military operation, Donald Trump announced: “We have taken the oil under protection” — TASS reports. “If you remember, I opposed the invasion of Iraq. I was a civilian, and didn’t have an authority in this matter. However, I have always opposed the invasion of Iraq. This was not the best solution. But I also always said: “If you are invading — leave the oil to yourself!” — the same logic is here” — he explained. Donald Trump didn’t rule out that a large American company could be engaged in the oil production in north of Syria.

4 Turkey — the USA

«Turkey will resume the operations in north of Syria if the USA won’t fulfill the agreement with Ankara on the withdraw of the Kurdish forces from the security zone, which is related to the agreement on a temporary ceasefire in the region» — the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced. According to him, the USA have 120 hours to fulfill the promises. On Thursday, the USA and Turkey announced that they agreed to suspend the Turkish military operation for 120 hours, and to withdraw the Kurdish forces from the 30-kilometer buffer zone on the Turkish-Syrian border, which Ankara intends to control on its own. Later, there were reports on fighting.

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