Ukrainian armed forces fired at the site of the separation of forces


«The Ukrainian troops shelled the site of the withdrawal of the military forces and assets near the village of Petrovskoye» — the representative office of the DPR in the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire reported. It was previously reported that the DPR notified the OSCE special monitoring mission about the readiness to resume the process of the withdrawal of troops near the village of Petrovskpe on 9th of November, if the Contact Group agrees on this date. Ukraine, for unknown reasons, refused to participate in the videoconference. On 4th of November Kiev, once again, stopped an attempt to resume the process of withdrawal of troops in the »Petrovskoye-Bogdanovka» area.

On 4th of November, at about 20:30, the Ukrainian troops shelled the village of Zaitsevo. They used custom-made ammunition. One of such shells exploded inside a residential building at the Latsisa Street, house number 2. There was a man inside the house at that moment — thankfully he wasn’t injured. The Ukrainian terror units also shelled the village of Kominternovo. As a result of that shelling — the building at the Akhmatova Street, house number 18 caught fire.

The mine clearance process on the site No. 2, »Zolotoye», is going at a full swing. During the process, an anti-tank mine TM-62, and 8 directional anti-personnel fragmentation mines were discovered. Their following destruction was carried out on the spot. The OSCE Mission reports that no acts of violations took place. “The work is going on as usual, according to the plan, and on time” — said Mikhail Filiponenko, the head of the LPR Representative Office in the Central Control Commission.

The employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the LPR discovered a weapons stash near the contact line in Donbass. About 7,000 rounds of ammo were found — the press service of the agency reported on Wednesday. “An investigation has been started after the discovery of the stash. It is possible that the stash could be used by the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups in order to carry out sabotage on the territory of the republic” — the press service specified.

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