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Starting from 1st of September, 2018, the Ukrainian troops shelled the LPR territory about 700 times with more than 10,000 shells. This was reported by the press service of the People’s Militia of the LPR. «26 civilian infrastructure facilities were damaged» — the report concluded. The defense department of the LPR reported that 5 civilians were killed, including a child. 7 soldiers died, 3 were injured.

The “spring truce” in Ukrainian fashion almost ended up as a tragedy for the residents of the front-line settlement Golubovskoe, located near the town of Kirovsk. On the evening of 18th of March, the «Ukrainian liberators» started firing randomly from small arms and heavy machine guns at the local residential buildings on the outskirts of the village. As a result — a number of houses and outhouses were damaged.

On the night from 18th to 19th of March, the village of Staromikhaylovka was under fire from BMP-2 autocannons. The shells damaged the high-voltage power lines, and caused a short circuit. The repair teams managed to repair the damage only by the next day.

A serviceman of the people’s militia of the DPR told about the situation in the area of the Vasilyevsky pumping station, which is constantly under fire by the Ukrainian troops. He said that the positions of the DPR located at a decent distance from the pumping station, just so during the shelling the Ukrainian troops won’t accidentally hit the station itself. Despite all of this — the shelling of the pumping station still continues.

Ukrainian troops continue to systematically ignore the spring truce agreement made in Minsk. On 19th of March, as a result of another shelling of the village of Donetskii, a local resident found an unexploded shell in the backyard. Thanks to the pure luck — the elderly family of Terlanovs wasn’t hurt.

The former serviceman of the 54th brigade of the Ukrainian Forces, Sergey Magdenko, who recently joined the LPR, said that the command of the 54th brigade doesn’t send the information to the higher-ups of the occupation forces regarding the real state of affairs with the personnel in order to avoid responsibility. Sergei Magdenko spoke about the visits of the representatives of the Ukrainian mass-media to the front lines. Usually they see prepared, staged shelling that often comes from their own territory. These attacks are being then demonstrated to the general public as shelling from the LPR. Constant drinking and drug abuse, lack of motivation among the military — this is how Sergei Magdenko described the situation.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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