Ukrainian UAV dropped a bomb on a living building


On the night from 27th to 28th of May, an improvised explosive device exploded in Nikitovsky district, at «Pokyko Street», house 13. It was dropped by a Ukrainian UAV. As a result of the explosion, Sapun Vera Petrovna received multiple fragmental wounds to her limbs and head. Her clavicle was fractured, and she got a traumatic brain injury. By midnight, she was taken to hospital number 2 in the town of Gorlovka, in serious condition. At the moment, the doctors assess her condition as »stable, moderate». Her 6-years-old granddaughter also received a minor wound from the glass fragments. The dropped IED also damaged a house.

A dire situation came to the settlement of «Zolotoe 5». The settlement is located on the frontline. After an inspection of the facade of one of the houses — one would understand that living in such conditions is deadly. The bullet holes in the windows can tell both the direction of the incoming fire, and the caliber of the weapons. Given the laws of the ballistics — one could figure out the source of the shelling. It is not necessary, however, since the locals already know that their windows are being shot at by the Ukrainian military.

On 30th of May, as a result of shelling from the Ukrainian positions, a little girl and an old man were injured in the village of Veseloe, near Donetsk. This was announced by the head of the representatives in the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire Regime — Ruslan Yakubov. At 20:00, the Ukrainian troops shelled the village «Veseloe» from the village of «Peskii». As a result of a shell going through the roof of the house number 49 on the »Volniy Lane» — a local man, born in 1956, received fragmental wounds to his back and legs. An 8-years-old girl living in the house number 47, on the Volniy Lane, received a fragment wound to her left elbow joint. Ruslan Yakubov clarified that the moderately wounded man was taken to the Donetsk hospital number 21. The little girl received medical help on the spot.

The team of the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky published a video of his trip to Donbass on Facebook. Yesterday he visited the region for the first time after winning the elections. He examined the positions of the Ukrainian troops, and the living conditions of the military personnel on the territory, controlled by Kiev. As it was noted in the description of the video — Vladimir Zelensky visited the village of Luganskaya, and the village of Shastie. As well as the front line — in particular, the observation posts and the dug-outs of the Ukrainian troops located 400 meters away from the LPR positions. Vladimir Zelensky has recently stated that his main task as the president is to stop the fighting in Donbas.

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