Violations of the ceasefire in Syria


1 The UN — Syria

The spokesman for the UN Secretary General, Stefan Dujarric, stated that the UN is concerned about the ceasefire violations in north-western Syria. «We receive crossfire reports almost daily. Between 30th of April and 4th of May, the artillery shelling, reportedly, affected 9 areas in Idlib, 1 area in North Aleppo, and 2 in Hama» — Stefan Dujarrik explained.

2 Israel — The Gaza Strip

The IDF press service reported on Twitter that on Wednesday night, the IDF attacked 3 military posts of the Palestinian movement ‘Hamas’ in the Gaza Strip, in response to a launch of a rocket from the Gaza Strip at Israel. Earlier the IDF press service reported that 1 rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip at the Israeli territory. The Israeli radio station «Kan» reported that the rocket exploded in an uninhabited area. No injuries or material damage were reported.

3 Iraq

The ‘Al-Sumaria’ TV reported, while citing the statement made by the Iraqi military, that on Wednesday 3 missiles fell near Baghdad’s airport. The incident took place early in the morning. A timer-equipped rocket launcher, from which the rockets were fired, was found by the Iraqi military in the Al-Bakri region, west of Baghdad. There were no casualties from the incident.

4 Iran

The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani stated during a government meeting, that was broadcast by the Iranian state TV, that he wrote a letter to the leaders of the Iranian nuclear deal. In his letter, Hassan Rouhani stated how the Tehran’s response to the restoration of the arms embargo against Iran will look like. According to him — the Iranian reaction will have serious consequences. He added that the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal was a “stupid mistake” which Washington realized when there was little time left before the arms embargo was lifted from Iran. «They can’t go forward or back» — the Iranian president added while noting that «for America, there is no nuclear deal». According to him, Washington can only re-make a request for entry into the agreement. The request must be accepted first, with a compensation of the damage caused by the sanctions to Iran. Earlier, US the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that the US will do everything to extend the arms embargo against Iran. The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Ryabkov, told to the ‘RIA NEWS’ that there could be no extension of the UN arms embargo against Iran.

5 The USA — Venezuela

The ‘TASS’ news agency reported with a reference to the official representative of the US Foreign Ministry that the US State Department is looking for the exact circumstances of the detention of the American citizens in Venezuela. «We will carefully study the role of the regime of Nicolas Maduro in this situation, and in particular — the role of the very vast Cuban intelligence network in Venezuela» — the representative of the State Department explained. Earlier Donald Trump announced that the US authorities have nothing to do with the infiltration of the mercenaries into Venezuela. The Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced that among the mercenaries, who carried out the infiltration into the country, there were some US citizens, who are also members of Donald Trump’s security service. The US president stated in response that the US authorities will figure out the situation, and they will announce the results later.

6. Russia — Italy

The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated during a conference call that the withdrawal of the Russian radiation, chemical and biological warfare troops from Italy, where they helped to fight the coronavirus pandemic, will begin on Thursday. The Minister ordered the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, to organize an official meeting of the returned servicemen, and even asked him to submit «proposals for the promotions of the distinguished military personnel, doctors, and all the servicemen who were involved in the disinfection of the Italian cities and facilities». Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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