War in Libya || Breaking News, 22nd of April, 2019


The fighting continues in Libya. The Libyan Prime Minister Faiz Saraj condemned the “silence” of the international allies during the »rebel» attack on Tripoli by the troops, led by General Khalifa Haftar, who is being supported by Russia — BBC reported. The failure of the Allies to support an internationally recognized government in Tripoli could lead to the ISIS becoming entrenched in Libya, says Faiz Saraj. The Libyan Prime Minister lamented the impotence of the UN Security Council, in which Russia supports Haftar. The administration of Faiz Saraj accused France in supporting Haftar, and threatened to cancel any “bilateral security agreements” with Paris. The Libyan Prime Minister announced that Haftar should be held accountable for the «savagery and barbarism» of his troops. An arrest warrant was issued for the general.

Washington isn’t planning a military intervention in order to change the power in Iran. However, Washington intends to terminate the exemptions from the sanctions for the purchase of Iranian oil — the State Department announced. According to the Washington Post — on Monday, Mike Pompeo will announce that «Starting from 2nd of May, the State Department will no longer extend exemptions to any countries that are currently buying Iranian oil». During his speech to the reporters in the foreign ministry — he will underline that countries, currently buying Iranian oil, should stop doing so completely. Otherwise, Washington will impose sanctions against them — TASS reports.

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko announced that he will sign a law on the state language if the document will be adopted by the Ukrainian parliament during the next week. He assured that «his team will defend the Ukrainian language». As Petro Poroshenko specified — if the Ukrainian parliament passes the law during the next week — he will sign it — RIA NEWS reports. According to this law, only Ukrainian language can be used on the territory of Ukraine. Special ‘language inspectors’ will have to monitor the execution of this law. The adoption of the law will deprive the Russian language, and other languages of the national minorities, the protection given to them by the Constitution of Ukraine. It will also take away from the Ukrainians, that speak Russian, their right to occupy state posts. The inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky, currently winning the presidential elections in Ukraine, should take place before 3rd of June

If Ankara buys the S-400 AA systems from Russia — Washington could impose sanctions against Turkey — said the US Democratic senator Bob Menendez. “If President Erdogan insists on the purchase of the S-400 anti-missile systems, and if he completes the purchase and installation — then the sanctions will be imposed on the basis of the bill that I originally introduced. And we are not talking about the possibility of sanctions — they will be mandatory. We don’t want this to happen, so we proposed other options to Turkey. The S-400s are incompatible with the NATO architecture”- RIA NEWS quoted the senator. Recently Bob Menendez presented to Congress »the Law on the Cooperation in the Field of Security and Energy in the Eastern Mediterranean”. One of the points of the law is a ban on the transfer of F-35 aircraft to Ankara if Turkey buys the S-400s. According to the senator — Turkey needs to make the final choice. Either to remain an ally to the NATO, or to distance itself.

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