Breaking News, 9th of July, 2018


Almost 20,000 Syrians have left the areas controlled by the terrorists through the humanitarian corridor »Abu Duhur» in the central Islamist province of Idlib. Located between the towns of Tel Sultan and Abu Duhur, the humanitarian corridor allows hundreds of Syrians and dozens of vehicles pass through it daily. Thanks to the recent agreement, the civilian population can leave the province of Idlib, currently occupied by jihadists, and move to the government controlled parts of Syria.

Syrian air defenses shot down an Israeli aircraft that was attacking the T-4 airbase, SANA news agency reported. «The air defenses stopped Israeli aggression. They intercepted several missiles and shot down an aircraft attacking the base,» — the report explained. The Syrian airbase T-4 is located in the province of Homs. It was attacked once in April by the Israeli Air Force.

The political struggle before the presidential elections in Ukraine is becoming more intense. Yulia Tymoshenko announced that Peter Poroshenko intends to disrupt the presidential elections in Ukraine planned for the spring of 2019. According to her, Poroshenko wants to achieve an escalation of the conflict in the east of the country in order to introduce a martial law. Earlier, she accused Poroshenko of collusion with Alexander Zakharchenko.

The US are seemingly unhappy with Russia once again. The US think that Moscow is luring Turkey out of the NATO, thus trying to «destabilize the strongest defensive alliance in the history of Earth.» This was stated by the American Permanent Representative to NATO — Kay Bailey Hutchison. According to her, for this very purpose, the Russians are selling S-400 surface-to-air missile systems to Ankara. Hutchison underlined the following: Washington will do its best to not lose its partner. Experts note that it is not a question of losing of Turkey from NATO, but a matter of Turkey that is pursuing a policy of defending its own national interests.

According to the information and communications department of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, large landing ships «Ivan Gren» and «Korolev» have arrived in Kronstadt to take part in the Main Naval Parade. The ships came from the city of Baltiysk. The parade will be held in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt on 29th of July, during the national Navy Day.

Russian permanent representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Alexander Shulgin, announced that the incidents like those in Salisbury and Amesbury happen right before the important events. In his opinion, it is difficult to get rid of a suspicion that they were planned and deliberately executed in order to worsen the international situation, and damage the credibility of Russia and thus damage Russian relations with other countries.

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