Breaking News, February 9, 2018



During the past day the AFU violated the ceasefire 11 times in the DPR, firing 197 ammunition of various types at the territory of the DPR. The western and northern outskirts of Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Dokuchaevsk, villages in the suburbs of Gorlovka and the southern village of Kominternovo got under the enemy fire. During the shelling mortars of various calibers, APCs and IFVs, as well as small arms were used.

Due to the increased number of terrorist acts and attacks of the ISIS militants in the north of the Sinai peninsula, the Egyptian authorities transferred Ismailia hospitals to the wartime regime. As we reported the day before, a military bulldozer was destroyed and policemen injured in al-Arish as a result of the explosion of the improvised explosive device, two police cars were destroyed in Rafah, as well as civilians were killed and wounded.

Russian fans staged a light show in front of the headquarters of the World Anti-Doping Agency in Montreal. They protested against the decision of the International Olympic Committee about the non-admission of Russian athletes to the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Trump continues to amaze America. The US president instructed the Pentagon to organize a parade with the participation of military and military equipment in Washington. In the Pentagon, the idea is still at the stage of «brainstorming», the date of the event has not yet been determined. But Trump tells reporters that the parade can take place on US Independence Day on July 4. No events, which demonstrate the military power of the United States usually take place on this day.

Ex-premier of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk demanded that Western countries react to the election of the Russian president in the Crimea. The Ukrainian politician is depressed, because of that the issue of elections in the Crimea is relevant only in the «Nezalezhnaya». Let’s recall that a desire to disrupt the election of the Russian president in the Crimea is gaining momentum in Ukraine. Yatsenyuk, resting on the fact that President Putin wants to be reelected for another term due to the votes of Ukrainians in the territory of Crimea.

Ukrainian authorities are considering the de-communisation of the monument «Motherland» in Kiev. They want to remove the shield and cut off the Soviet coat of arms. State Duma deputy from the Crimea Andrei Kozenko said that such an initiative of the authorities is not only a violation of laws, including the law on the protection of cultural heritage, copyright and a number of international documents, but also «a violation of common sense.» Seems like they are running out of monuments to Lenin, so a new field of activity is needed. In this regard, he proposed to rename the Ukrainian National Memory Institute to the Ukrainian National Amnesia Institute and instead of the monument» Motherland » establish the monument «Bandera-Father».

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