The residents of Donbass abandon their homes


«The residents of the village of Golubovsky are abandoning their homes due to the constant shelling by the Ukrainian troops» — Alla Klyuchkova, the head of the livelihood support department of the village of Golubosky reported. The employees of the LPR mission in the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire noted the consequences of a yet another shelling of the village of Golubovsky by the Ukrainian troops. Earlier, as a result of a shelling by the Ukrainian troops, a local woman was wounded.

On the evening of 5th of July, the Ukrainian troops opened fire on the village of Trudovskaya mine. As a result of a shelling from machine guns and small arms, the facade of a residential building was damaged. A large-caliber bullet damaged the household appliances and the wall of a room with people inside.

On the morning of 6th of July, the Ukrainian troops fired more than a hundred of artillery and mortar shells at the ‘Komsomolets’ district. Seven electrical transformer substations were damaged, as well as a section of the ‘Seversky Donets-Donbass’ canal. More than 600 people were left without the electricity. More than 3,000 — without the water supply.

»On the morning of 7th of July, the Ukrainian forces opened mortar fire at the northern parts of the city of Donetsk, as well as the outer areas of the village of Yakovlevka, near the village of Yasinovataya» — the DPR representatives in the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire reported. According to the DPR representatives — the Ukrainian troops fired from their positions in the villages of Avdeevka, Peski, and Opitnoe. The information on the victims and the destruction is currently being specified.

On 9th of July, the city of Donetsk and the villages of Yakovlevka, Spartak and Aleksandrovka once again were under fire of the Ukrainian troops. They used mortars, grenade launchers, small and large-caliber arms during the shelling. 39 shells were used during the shelling.

A field near a high-voltage power-line tower, near the village of Nikitovka, caught fire as a result of shelling by the Ukrainian troops. The power line was damaged, as a result of which 3 streets were cut off the power grid. On 10th of July, the windows of a residential building in the village of Dokuchaevsk were damaged. The Ukrainian troops violated the ceasefire 12 times. They used artillery, mortars, AA guns, grenade launchers, small and large-caliber arms. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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