A new terrorist attack was prevented in Manbij || Breaking News, 17th of January, 2019


The US Assistant of the Secretary of State for the Arms Control and International Security, Andrea Thompson, announced that Russian proposals on the INF TREATY are insufficient, since it’s impossible to control their implementation — Interfax reports. “All the proposals that the Russian delegation made yesterday: none of them, and I underline, none of those, I quote, »transparent measures”, can be monitored under the current framework of the arms control” — she said. Andrea Thompson confirmed that if Russia does not begin to comply with the INF Treaty, then on 2nd of February, the United States will suspend their obligations under the agreement.

The government of British Prime Minister Theresa May overcame a vote of no-confidence, issued by the Labor Party of the United Kingdom in the House of Commons. 325 deputies of the lower house of the British Parliament supported Theresa May, while 306 voted against her — TASS reports. If the vote of no-confidence have passed — it is likely that early elections would occur in the UK. Theresa May previously stated that early elections «will escalate the split when we need unity. They will bring chaos when we need confidence. They will become a burden when we need to go forward». The proposal to hold a voting of no-confidence in the country’s government was submitted to the parliament by the leader of the opposition Labor Party, Jeremy Corbin, on Tuesday.

The US federal authorities initiated an investigation on the possible involvement of the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei in the stealing of the commercial information from the American partners — The Wall Street Journal reports. The US federal prosecutors believe that Huawei could have been involved in the theft of the trade secrets from the US business partners, including the technology that the American company T-Mobile uses to test smartphones — the Wall Street Journal explained. Back in October, an advisor of Donald Trump accused China in stealing American technology.

The situation around Kosovo will be discussed during the visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Serbia, along with the topic of the development of political and economic ties. Another important topic will be the connection of Serbia to the “Turkish Stream”. Contracts on the military-technical cooperation will be signed as well, RIA NEWS reports. In particular, on the supply of Russian armored vehicles. The visit of the Russian president to Serbia is planned for Thursday. According to presidential aide Yury Ushakov — during the visit, more than 20 documents will be signed, including the ones on the energy matters.

On Thursday, the military council of the Syrian city of Manbij announced the capture of the terrorists that planned new attacks in and around the city, TASS reports while citing an official Council statement posted by them on Facebook. It was noted that as a result of the military operation — a large number of weapons and ammunition was captured from the terrorists. The operation itself was carried out within the city. Back in Wednesday, there was a powerful explosion in Manbij. According to Reuters — as a result of it, 4 US servicemen were killed, 3 were injured.

Democratic senators Bob Menendez and Jack Reed, both of which lead two Senate committees, sent a request to the White House to allow the United States Congress interrogate the translators that were on the meetings of the Russian and US presidents. «The senators sent a letter to the White House in which they asked for a confirmation that the President Donald Trump properly kept his records of the negotiations with the Russian President Vladimir Putin» — TASS quoted a statement made by the press service of the US senators. According to them — the fact that the US president insisted on the secrecy of these conversations, and that he didn’t even provide the information about them to his own assistants is «alarming.» This may indicate a «violation of the acts of presidential and federal records».

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS


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