Sunday, February 25, 2018

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The special group of the International Olympic Committee refused to invite 15 Russian athletes to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, previously found innocent

Ukrainian government refuses to discuss the law of ‘reintegration’ of Donbass before its implementation, says the chief of DPR’s delegation at the Minsk’s

The World Anti-Doping Agency expressed concern about the decision of the International Sports Court, which canceled the lifetime disqualification of 28 Russian athletes,

L’Agence mondiale antidopage s’est dite « grandement préoccupée» après la décision du Tribunal arbitral du sport de lever totalement des sanctions contre 28

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations recognized the armed conflict in the Donbass as one of the

After a brief lull in the West Bank, clashes again broke out: east of Nablus, near the Tomb of Joseph and Tel Balat,

Kiev placed heavy artillery near the contact line. The intelligence of the DPR has revealed positions of 3 self-propelled guns, banned by Minsk

This morning a group of unknown people attacked the Marshal Fahim Military Academy in Kabul (Afghanistan). At the moment, the skirmish is over.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire on the town Dokuchaevsk from the mortar and infantry fighting vehicle. The fire was conducted on

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded on Wednesday in Taiwan. Ground tremors were registered this morning 11 kilometers from Taipei. The epicenter was

During the past day, the AFU did not shell the Lugansk People's Republic; the cease-fire regime was fulfilled. Nevertheless, the districts of six

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, using the "New Year armistice", continue to violate the conditions for placing heavy weapons along the contact line

The Iraqi security forces will clean up several settlements in the Kirkuk province, in the areas of Rabza, Marzuk and al-Arabil, where the

Trump confirmed the cancellation of his visit to the UK. " Reason I canceled my trip to London is that I am not

 The situation on the contact line in Donbass remains tense and pre-combat, Alexander Zakharchenko said. The Head of the Republic stated that the

During the past day the AFU shelled the positions of the People's Militia of the LPR four times. Logvinovo, Kalinovka and Sanzharovka were

The US Air Force sent three B-52H strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons to Europe on Tuesday. Two bombers landed at Fairford

The Armed Forces of Ukraine violated the cease-fire regime five times in the Donetsk People’s Republic during the past day. Dokuchaevsk and Sosnovskoe

During the past day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire on the positions of the People’s Militia near the village Nizhnee Lozovoe

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