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the USA explained the incident with diplomats 1 Russia The spokeswoman for the US Embassy in Moscow, Rebecca Ross, explained for what purpose, according to Washington, the American diplomats were in a close proximity to the secret training ground of the Russian [...] Подробнее Syrian troops reached the border with Turkey 1. Russia — the UN The Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Office in Geneva, Andrei Belousov, announced that Russia, in consultation with other countries, had prepared a proposal for a [...] Подробнее Turkey will continue the operation in Syria 1. Syria Unidentified military aircraft attacked and completely destroyed a convoy of military vehicles of the Syrian government forces in the suburbs of the city of Manbij, in the north of Syria — the [...] Подробнее The Kurdish troops counter-attacked the Turkish forces 1. the USA The US authorities introduced restrictive measures against the ministries of defense and energy of Turkey — the US Ministry of Finances reports. The US Ministry stated that the Turkish Minister of [...] Подробнее Turkey does not rule out clashes with Syrian army 1 Turkey — Syria «The Turkish army will repulse the Syrian armed forces in case of a clash on the border of the two countries» — said an advisor of the Turkish President Yasin Aktay. According [...] Подробнее Kiev disrupts the withdrawal of weapons in Donbass 1 On 10th of October the Ukrainian troops, for the second time, disrupted the withdrawal of military forces and assets at the area number 2 near the village of Zolotoy in Donbass. An agreement on the withdrawal of [...] Подробнее The Turkish troops are advancing deep into Syria »On Wednesday morning, the Turkish army crossed the Syrian border in the region in which Ankara plans to conduct an operation, aimed to create a security zone» — the Bloomberg reports. “The Turkish [...] Подробнее The United States transferred B-52H bombers to Europe 1 the USA — the UK On Thursday, the US deployed a group of strategic bombers B-52H »Stratofortress» to its forward base in Fairford, in the UK — «Interfax» reports while citing the [...] Подробнее Turkey continues the military operation in Syria 1 Turkey — Syria The Turkish ground forces, supported by the fighters of the oppositional »Syrian National Army», have launched ground operations in the border areas in north-east of Syria. According [...] Подробнее the Turkish army crossed the Syrian border 1. the USA The White House administration will not assist the congressmen in the investigation, the purpose of which is to find out if there is a reason to impeach Donald Trump. This was stated in a letter sent by [...] Подробнее Turkey shelled Kurdish positions in northern Syria 1. Turkey — Syria The Turkish army attacked the positions of the Kurdish militia and the «Syrian Democratic Forces» in north of Syria — »Interfax» reports while citing the official [...] Подробнее The withdrawal of troops near the settlement of Zolotoe in Donbass is about to begin 1 Donbass «The fighters of the Ukrainian volunteer regiment ‘Azov’ took up positions near the village of Zolotoe in Donbass» — the head of the regiment, the ex-deputy of the Ukrainian [...] Подробнее The army of Kiev used 19 tons of ammunition on the DPR 1 «Since the last meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk on 18th of September, the Ukrainian army used 19 tons of ammo to shell the territory of the DPR» — the DPR representation in the Joint Center [...] Подробнее North Korea conducted missile tests again North Korea ran new missile tests by launching missiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan. The »Yonhap» news agency reports while referring to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea. According to the South [...] Подробнее 150 missiles will be delivered to Ukraine from the USA 1 the USA — Ukraine The US State Department approved the sale of the ATGMs «Javelin» to Ukraine for almost $40 millions of dollars — RIA NEWS reports while citing a statement of the Defense [...] Подробнее
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