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The Ukrainian presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky spoke out against granting a special status to Donbas. He stated it during an interview to the RBC-Ukraine.

Several loud explosions were heard during a rocket attack on the capital of Libya, the city of Tripoli - TASS reports while citing ''Agence

The Libyan military prosecutor's office issued a warrant for the arrest of the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who commands the Libyan National Army that

The visit of the Chairman of the State Council of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, to Russia may take place during the next week -

The G-20 summit, planned for the November of 2020, will be held in Riyadh. According to the 'Interfax', which quotes the agency 'Al Arabiya',

On 8th of April, the village of Zaitsevo was shelled by the Ukrainian forces. Three 82-millimeters mortar shells hit the streets of the settlement.

On Tuesday morning, a fighter jet of the Libyan National Army, led by the Field Marshal Khalafa Haftar, attacked the Tripoli International Airport -

The servicemen of the DPR prevented an attempt of the Ukrainian forces to attack the staff of the OSCE mission - said the spokesman

The Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and his high-ranking officials were arrested by the military after a coup d'état in the country - TASS reports

The Supreme National Security Council of Iran recognized the central command of the US armed forces, and the associated forces, as a ''foreign terrorist

The Libyan national army, commanded by the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, announced their control over the majority of the sub-urban areas of Tripoli -

On 2nd of April the activists of the “Donetsk Republic” public movement installed the “Order of Judas” monument, dedicated to the Ukrainian president Petro

L’armée indienne a bombardé et détruit au moins trois postes militaires dans le district de Poonch dans la zone du Cachemire contrôlée par le

The Indian army destroyed at least 3 Pakistani military posts in the Punch area, in the Pakistan-controlled Kashmir zone. A large number of Pakistani

La Grande-Bretagne a convoqué une réunion d’urgence du Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU sur la situation en Libye, a informé l’ambassade du Royaume-Uni à