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Breaking News, 29th of Seprember, 2018

James Jeffrey, the US Secretary of State for Syria, told to Reuters agency that the refusal of the Syrian government to work on the new constitution of the country will lead to severe international sanctions — similar to those that were used against Iran up until 2015, and which the US are ready to impose again while bypassing the UN Security Council, TASS reports while citing his statement to Reuters. «We will impose extremely strict international sanctions, and make sure that the life of this already dying regime will get as insufferable as possible. Let Russia and Iran, who made all this mess in the first place, deal with it by themselves» — James Jeffrey said.

The newest fifth generation fighter-bomber F-35B crashed, for the first time, in the USA — Interfax reports with a reference to the CNN. The pilot ejected successfully. As a result of the crash, «the fighter jet was completely destroyed» — the message says. The reasons of the incident are being clarified. A CNN source in the military circles told that the fighter jet crashed near a military base of the US Marine Corps. According to the source — this is the first such case with the F-35 fighters. Yesterday an F-35 made its first combat flight in Afghanistan. F-35 is considered to be one of the most expensive weapon systems in history — the cost of an aircraft is estimated to be $ 115.5 millions of dollars.

Palestine filed a lawsuit to the International Court of Justice in connection with the transfer of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The lawsuit says that the Palestinian side asks the court to make the US move their diplomatic mission out of Jerusalem. According to Palestine — the American decision «is a violation of the Vienna Convention of 1961» — TASS reports. Back in December of 2017, Donald Trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the US embassy was opened in Jerusalem in May of this year.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto expressed his surprise from the decision of Kiev to move Ukrainian troops so close to the border of a NATO country. The Hungarian Foreign Minister said that Kiev’s decision to relocate Ukrainian troops closer to the border of a NATO country «is rather unusual,» RIA News reports. According to the diplomat, Budapest is puzzled after receiving such information. This week, Kiev sent their military to the city of Berehove. Recently a scandal broke out there after the issuance of Hungarian passports to Ukrainians. Kiev intends to deploy a battalion from 800 to 1,000 of troops merely 30 kilometers away from the Hungarian border, while explaining this decision by the «threats to the territorial integrity of Ukraine.»

The Russian ship «Sevastopol» from the company «Hudson», was detained in the South Korean port of Busan, said Peter Osichansky, the representative of the International Transport Workers’ Federation — ITF — in the Russian Far East. According to him — the detention happened because of the imposed US sanctions on the company «Hudson». «The company received a letter in the Korean language explaining that the ship was not arrested — only detained for some time in order to clarify the circumstances» — Peter Osichansky specified while adding that the Russian consul in Busan is fully aware of the situation.

In the British city of Bournemouth, in the nightclub »Cameo» — an unknown irritating substance was sprayed. As a result — at least 40 visitors were injured, RIA NEWS reports with a reference to »Daly Mirror». The visitors complained about breathing problems, coughing, and pain in the eyes. The police believes that the club was sprayed with «some sort of irritating substance, possibly CS». Every visitor was swiftly evacuated. The police checked the premises of the club and found no traces of chemicals or harmful toxic substances that could pose a threat to people.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.



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