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Breaking News, October 14th, 2017

The number of victims of forest fires increased to 36 people in California, the USA. About 20 thousand residents were evacuated. About 8,000 firefighters participate in the fight against fire, but more than 20 large fires can not be controlled.

The aircraft of Etihad Airways, that followed from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, landed urgently at the airport of Adelaide. This decision was made because the warning system of a technical failure worked in the aircraft. Landing passed safely. 349 people were on the board 777.

Poroshenko said he would hand over 62 tanks to the Ukrainian soldiers on Saturday. «Today I go to the army to hand over two hundred units of weapons and military equipment, among them, 62 tanks,» the president said. Poroshenko is going to visit the military ground in the Zhytomir region today.

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reported the new anti-tank missile system «Skif» was tested to successfully. The system has been successfully tested both in Ukraine and abroad and in particular, in the conditions of high temperatures in the desert. The Secretary of the Security Council, Turchinov said that the new missiles could hit «targets at a distance of up to 5.5 kilometers» and «burn armor up to one meter».

Militants «Taliban» captured seven police checkpoints in Mirza Olang (the province Sari-Pul, Afghanistan), the agency Xinhua reported. As a result of night special operations, the seizure occurred. Security forces retreated.

Al-Meyadin was liberated — the militants of the «Islamic State» retreated to the eastern shore of Euphrates and southeast towards Abu Kamal, that remains the last strategically important point for the ISIL fighters. Sources of ANNA News confirmed the capture of the city and sent photos on the scene.