Russia calls on the UN to save the INF treaty Breaking News, 15th of December, 2018


Russia submitted a draft resolution on the preservation of the ‘INF Treaty’ to the UN General Assembly — Interfax reports. «On 14th of December, Russia submitted to the UN General Assembly a draft resolution that supports the preservation of the ‘INF Treaty’. It calls on all parties to fulfill their obligations under this agreement, and resolve issues, related to the fulfillment of their obligations, by using the conditions stipulated in this agreement» — the Press Secretary of the Russian Permanent Mission to the UN Fedor Strzhizhovsky announced. He underlined that Russia «sees a great importance in the preservation of the INF Treaty, the termination of which could seriously undermine the international mechanisms for the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and arms control.»

In Israel, several hundred people in yellow vests went to the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on Friday to protest the increase of prices, Israeli media reported. In particular, the protesters are unhappy with the prices for electricity, water, and food. «Israel, just like France, isn’t indifferent to the news about the new increase in prices for the everyday’s goods» — the protest organizers in Israel said in a press release.

“The Austrian prosecutor’s office didn’t provide any evidence of the guilt of Russian biathlonists” — said Russian Ambassador to Austria Dmitry Lyubinsky. A trusted lawyer of the Russian Embassy met the representatives of the prosecutor’s office in Vienna, TASS reports. The embassy underlined that «the presumption of innocence is valid.» The biathlon team is not restricted in their movements. Earlier, the Austrian authorities initiated a doping investigation of the Russian national team. The Russian bi—athletes could be suspended from participation in the competitions.

Washington postponed increase of duties on the Chinese goods, planned for 1st of January — the US Federal Register reports. The increase was postponed to 2nd of March — TASS reports while referring Reuters. On Friday, US President Donald Trump announced that the United States and China may soon make a deal. «China wants to make a big and very comprehensive deal. It can happen soon enough!» — Donald Trump wrote on Twitter — «China has announced that because of the trade war, their economy is growing much slower than expected. They have suspended the increase of duties aimed at the US. This is very good for the US.» — the American president added.

«Yellow vests» are preparing to make new demonstrations all over France on Saturday, TASS reports. This is evidenced by all reports coming from the regions of the country. Saturday protests will be the fifth ones since their start a month ago. 69,000 French policemen have been mobilized to keep the order due to the new protests. In Paris, police armored vehicles are on duty once again. According to the French Ministry of internal affairs — the total number of detained protesters since mid-November has exceeded 4,500. According to the latest information — during the protests in France, 6 protesters were killed.

The international hacker group «Anonymous» stated that they intend to closely monitor the investigation activities of the British anti-Russian project «Integrity Initiative». The ‘Anonymous’ said that they forced the politicians to «respond to the illegal activities of the UK government,» that was engaged in disinformation both in their own country and in other countries as well, TASS reports. The hackers demand to conduct an «honest and open investigation, completely transparent to the public, without turning it into a closed matter of the internal affairs of the British Foreign Ministry». They published a new portion of the internal documents of the “Institute of Public Administration”, which oversees the financing of the activities of the »Integrity Initiative» project.

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