The DPRK called itself “the biggest threat” to the US


1 North Korea

North Korea annouced that the US would make a mistake if they continue to use the sanctions against the DPRK — Interfax reports while citing South Korean news agency Renhap. The North Korean Foreign Minister, Lee Yong Ho, warned Washington that if the US continue to carry out such hostile policy toward Pyongyang — North Korea will continue to be »the biggest threat» to the US. He noted that the DPRK is ready for both a dialogue, and a confrontation with the US. He also criticized the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by saying that he “casts a shadow” on the US-North Korean negotiation process because he is more interested in satisfying his personal political ambitions than the American foreign policy. Recently Pyongyang announced that the DPRK isn’t interested in a dialogue as long as the US and South Korea are still using military threats against the DPRK. The denuclearization talks between the US and the DPRK were frozen after the disruption of the February summit in Hanoi.

2 the USA — Turkey

The US have officially canceled their offer to sell anti-missile systems ‘Patriot’ to Turkey as an alternative to the Russian AA missile systems S-400, RIA NEWS reports while citing the CNN. Earlier, the US demanded Turkey to cancel the deal with Russia, and in return — buy anti-missile systems ‘Patriot’. In case of a refusal, Washington didn’t rule out the possibility of delaying or even canceling the sale of the latest F-35 fighters to Ankara. Turkey refused to make concessions, and as a result — Turkish participation in the F-35 program was canceled.

3 China

The Chinese permanent representative in the UN, Zhang Jun, announced during a meeting of the UN Security Council that currently Beijing doesn’t intend to participate in trilateral arms control negotiations with Russia and the US. According to him, Beijing has stated its position on the arms control negotiations many times. “Currently China isn’t interested in the so-called ‘trilateral arms control negotiations’. China won’t take part in them» — he explained and added that China is calling for maintaining the existing arms control treaty. The Chinese representative also called on the US to refrain from deploying new medium and short range missiles in the Asia-Pacific region.

4 Syria

The Syrian army and the pro-Syrian militia units established control over the city of Kfar Zait in the north of Hama, in which there was a terrorist outpost of the ‘Jabhat al-Nusra’ group. This was reported today by the Syrian military sources. The towns of Latmane, Latmin and Tell Fas, located in the north of the province, were also taken under control. Currently, the Syrian troops are fighting for the settlement of El Tamanaa. They have already managed to defeat some of the terrorists in the settlement. Previously, the Syrian troops captured the city of Khan Sheikhun in the south of Idlib province. Currently, the city is being cleared of landmines and left-over terrorists.

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