Turkey will continue the operation in Syria


1. Syria

Unidentified military aircraft attacked and completely destroyed a convoy of military vehicles of the Syrian government forces in the suburbs of the city of Manbij, in the north of Syria — the Bloomberg reports. There are no other details published yet. On Tuesday, the Syrian army was able to establish full control over the city of Manbij, and take positions on the frontline against the Syrian armed opposition from the »Shield of the Euphrates» coalition. There have been no shootings between the Syrian military and the terrorists, participating in the Turkish operation “Source of Peace” in north of Syria.

2 Russia — the UN

The UN Deputy Secretary General for the Legal Affairs, Miguel de Serpa Suaresh, supported the Russian position on the matter of the violation of the obligations, assumed by the USA, regarding the agreement on the UN HQ — said the Russian Deputy Ambassador to the UN, Gennady Kuzmin. According to the Russian diplomat, Moscow was able to convince most of the countries on the failure of the USA to fulfill their obligations under the UN HQ agreement. As the diplomat underlined — “the UN deputy secretary general at the committee meeting actually supported our position that the USA violated their obligations regarding the visas». Gennady Kuzmin noted that the issue of the violation of the visa obligations by the USA can be resolved in the international court.

3 Spain

Massive clashes between the protesters and the police took place near the buildings of the Spanish government in Catalonia in the cities of Barcelona, ​Lleida and Girona. ​According to the police, about 40,000 protesters in Barcelona are trying to break into the building of the Spanish government in Catalonia. There is a police cordon in front of the building. The protesters throw bottles, firecrackers and other items at the police. The police is trying to push back the protesters with batons and rubber bullets. Several people were detained. The protests in Catalonia began on Monday after the Supreme Court sentenced Catalan politicians for their involvement in an illegal independence referendum in 2017. On Monday, about 70 police officers and 131 protesters were injured during the clashes.

4 Ukraine

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine opened a criminal case against the former Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko — the »Ukrainian News» agency reports. He is suspected of an abuse of his official position. Yuriy Lutsenko can receive up to 3 years in prison. The case was opened after the decision of the Solomensky court in Kiev. The court ordered to investigate the possible crimes of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Earlier, the Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine opened a criminal case against Yuriy Lutsenko on the fact of a possible abuse of official position. The case was opened on the statement of the chairman of the parliamentary faction «Servant of the people» David Arahamia. He accused Yuriy Lutsenko of having links to the underground gambling business.

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