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Breaking News, January 29, 2018

This morning a group of unknown people attacked the Marshal Fahim Military Academy in Kabul (Afghanistan). At the moment, the skirmish is over. Four militants were killed, one taken prisoner. According to the current information, 5 servicemen were killed, and 10 other were injured. The ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

During the past day, the AFU shelled the positions of the People’s Militia of the LPR four times. This was reported by the defense department of the Republic. The areas of settlements Logvinovo and Kalinovo were subjected to shelling by means of mortars of various caliber and APCs. During the past day the AFU also violated the ceasefire regime six times in the DPR, firing eight ammunition of various types on the territory of the Republic. During the shelling, mortars, various types of grenade launchers and large-caliber small arms were used. The areas of four front-line settlements of the Republic got under enemy fire. In addition, the AFU launched 4 mines at the village of Aleksandrovka, Petrovsky district of Donetsk, using 120-mm caliber mortars this morning.

At least 86 civilians were killed and 198 wounded in the Kurdish canton of Afrin in Syria as a result of air strikes of Turkish aviation and artillery shelling, TASS reported citing Kurdish sources. According to the head of the Afrin Health Department, Angela Risho, due to the military actions in Afrin hospitals are overcrowded and in need of medicines, the physician called on the International Committee of the Red Cross and humanitarian organizations to provide emergency assistance to the victims.

General Staff of Turkey reported on the neutralization of 597 terrorists since the beginning of the military operation «Olive Branch» in the canton of Afrin (Syria). Over the past night, the armed forces of Turkey destroyed 44 combat targets. Turkish President Recep Erdogan during his speech said that Ankara is not going to claim the occupied Syrian territories, and the operation in Afrin is purely humanitarian and anti-terrorist.

As the press service of the Eastern Military District reported, the self-propelled antitank missile systems «Chrysanthema-S» will be delivered in 2018 to the artillery unit in Buryatia. «Chrysanthema-S» is a modernized anti-tank system. It is equipped with a modern thermal imaging sight of the Belarusian origin. The sights developed by Peleng OJSC (Minsk, Belarus) showed high reliability and accuracy of guidance in comparison with the sight of Ukrainian production. The system «Chrysanthema-S» is designed to destroy modern, as well as promising tanks of any type, including those equipped with dynamic protection. «Chrysanthema-S» is equipped with its own radar station, which provides detection and tracking of the target with simultaneous control of the missile while hovering. The maintenance and management process is carried out automatically without operator involvement.

Shooting took place in Kiev, when about seven unknown armed men broke into the building of the «National Lottery» near the Beresteyskaya metro station. Two wounded and one dead are reported on the spot. Kiev police collects data on the crime and look for the gunmen.



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